The Impacts of Self-Belief and Confidence in Academics

The Impacts Of Self-Belief And Confidence In Academics

The Impacts of Self-Belief and Confidence in Academics

It has been proved by the research that students’ confidence and self-belief plays a vital role in their academic achievements. They can be really suffered academically if they lack these qualities. Not only academically, but they need self-belief throughout their life. There are many factors which can affect their confidence and self-belief e.g. many students are being bullied, mocked and harassed by their classmates or seniors. Which greatly affect them academically as well as professionally. They start to develop negative feelings for everyone, lack of trust and sometimes takes an extreme step like hurting themselves or even suicide. Many cases are being reported of young suicides worldwide. By focusing on these few factors, you can help grow your child confident with a positive mind and lifestyle, which consequently, will help him performing well academically.

  • Parents and teachers can help and encourage:

Sometimes a child is weaker in studies than his classmates and he is mocked by his peers. He feels ashamed of his grades, which prevents him to participate in extracurricular activities. Many times his parents and siblings are not supportive enough. They do not bother to inquire about the real problem and just start screaming and beating for the poor grades. Teachers to do not focus on a students’ mental condition, they prefer avoiding such students and focus more on the smarter one.

Parents, family, and teachers play the most important role in building a child’s self-confidence. If they start focusing more on the real problem, the reason behind such performance, and in result support the child, will help him a lot. If a child knows that his grades do not matter, he is cared and supported, automatically he will feel encouraged and the level of his self-belief will be increased. He will not only improve his grades but also focus on his career later on.

  • A child should be made sure of success:

When a child is sure that his hard work is to pay off and he is going to get a better score, or successfully pass the exam, he is encouraged more towards positive behavior. This also improves the level of self-belief in him. He confidently participates in class activities and other extracurricular activities. The teachers play a vital role here. They should keep encouraging the child even if he is wrong or asks irrelevant questions. If he is mocked by his classmates or bullied, a teacher needs to support the child. Everybody has dreams and children have built their own imaginative worlds, let not shatter their dreams, hopes, and plans. In most cases, a person goes for the career which he has dreamt of as a child, so if he gets encouragement in an early stage, it will help him in self-believing and taking risks to avail the opportunities.

  • Make kids participate in self-believing activities:

Schools can arrange many activities to build a child’s confidence and self-belief. Teachers should make those children participate who are shy or hesitates to face the mass. They can assign them presentations, make them participate in debates, writing or drawing competitions. Once they are engaged forcibly, the next time their level of hesitation will not be the same. Gradually, they will learn the skill of facing a larger mass. Some students have a harder family background, they do not get parents support and attention. So if their confidence is built in the school, they will surely be successful further in life. Students also can overcome their weakness in a subject when they are not discouraged. Many cases have been reported that a student who was weaker in a subject as a child, late on got Ph.D. in the same subject. It all happened because of a positive guidance, and encouragement, which resulted in self-believing.

  • The feeling of self-worth:

When a child is confident about his self-worth, he can do miracles not only academically, but in any field. When he knows his opinions are worth listening, his behavior automatically inclined towards positivity. It also helps them in communicating and sharing their opinions positively in different situations. They can also overcome tensions, and frustrations caused by poor performance because they know they can perform better next time instead of developing negative feelings. They see positivity even in negative situations and also demonstrate it. They do not lose hope by minor defeats, and can easily accept their faults and do not blame others for it. If anything bad happens, it does not stops them from social interactions, they carry themselves confidently in public, this way others can not get a chance to play with their feelings and break them emotionally.

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